How to Submit a Wellness Spending Account Claim

We've tried to make claim submission as easy and seamless for you as possible! You can submit your Wellness claim through your MyOlympia account on a computer, as well as through our Smartphone App. 

Submitting a claim on a computer: 

  1. Log into your MyOlympia Account 
  2. Click on Make a Claim 
  3. Click on Start a Wellness Claim 
  4. Enter all the information for the claim as required and follow the steps to review and submit the claim like you work for a Health Spending Account claim. 

Submitting a claim on the App:

  1. Open the App and log into your account 
  2. Click on the Wellness Spending Account logo on your screen
  3. Click on Make a Wellness Claim 
  4. Take a photo in the App of your receipt or upload a photo or PDF you already have saved on your phone
  5. Input all the required information and click on Confirm

Way to go! You've just submitted your Wellness Spending Account claim!