Who Are Olympia's Agents?

Before you sign up as an Agent with us, here are some of the most frequently asked questions and important information that might be helpful to you. 

Welcome to Olympia Benefits Inc.! We are so excited that you are considering joining our team to give your clients the best Health Spending Account product. 

  1. What does an Olympia Benefits Agent do?
    Olympia's Agent sell and promote our products to clients who meet the eligibility requirements for the plans. The Agent will walk their clients through the online application and assist them with the plan signup. 
    Once the clients have signed up for the plan, the Agent can provide assistance to the client by answering any questions about the plan or insurance products that may have been purchased. 
  2. As an Olympia Agent, can I sell insurance products such as Travel Insurance? 
    Some of our plans do have accompanying insurance products built in. However, you must be licensed to sell insurance in order to sell those specific plans. If you do not have your license registered with us, those products will not show under your account and you will not be able to sell them to clients. 
  3. When a client signs up for the plan, how do I get commission for the sell?
    Once you are registered as an Agent with Olympia Benefits, you will be given a unique URL website that will house all your clients and their information. When you have a client that wants to sign up, you simply email them your URL (it has a unique number for each Agent). Once they sign up using that URL, you will see them under your client listing and will receive the appropriate commissions.
  4. As an Agent, would I work out of your office?
    The great thing about being an Agent with us is that you get complete flexibility. You have the freedom to work from home or wherever is best for you! All our plans and account access are online so you can access them anywhere, anytime!