Reduce your medical costs with a Health Spending Account

Join over 40,000 small business owners across Canada using Olympia Benefits to reduce healthcare costs, protect their family, and improve their business.

Health Spending Accounts
for Small Businesses in Canada

Olympia Benefits Family Health Spending Accounts
Olympia Health Spending Account — Classic

Olympia HSA

This is Canada’s next generation Health Spending Account for small business owners. Write off your medical expenses, and get 100% coverage with instant online claims.

For professional and medical corporations, and family businesses

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Olympia Benefits Group Health Spending Account Plan

Olympia HSA Group

Give valued benefits to retain and attract your employees. Provide valuable, diverse coverage without the fear of annual premium increases. Get a comprehensive, affordable, and customized experience.

For businesses with more than one employee.

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Our Story

In 1997, Olympia Benefits was created with a mission to provide Canadian small business owners with affordable and easy to use benefit plans. Since then, Olympia has established itself as the market leader for small business Health Spending Accounts.

As a subsidiary of the publicly traded Olympia Financial Group, we are a transparent company that values integrity, commitment, excellence, and leadership.

Most importantly, we understand small business owners and strive to deliver an outstanding experience to our clients. Through our experience of processing over 1,000,000 Health Spending Account claims, we have developed a reliable and consistent platform for our clients to make their medical expenses both affordable and easy to pay.

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Why over 40,000 small business owners, and
100,000 employees love Olympia

Break free of restrictions
and get a health
spending account with
no deposit requirements or per claim fees
Gain from our standing
as a transparent and
regulated public
you're in good hands
with the most
experienced team
in the industry

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Protect your clients

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