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Build a culture of wellness and improve the lives of your employees

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Employee wellness begins here

A Wellness Spending Account is a special account for employees to claim wellness related activities. The benefit is taxable to the employee and a tax deduction for the employer.

The WSA is complementary to an HSA and helps to provide a comprehensive approach to employee well being. The WSA offers products and services that give employees a proactive approach to their health and well being.

Health Spending Account
Cost effective and flexible plan that provides reimbursement on a wide range of medical and dental expenses
Non taxable benefit
Medical, Osteopathy, Dental, Naturopathy, Vision, Occupational Therapy, Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Orthodontics, Chiropractic,Psychology, Acupuncture, Psychiatry …and more
Wellness Spending Account
Cost effective and flexible plan that provides reimbursement for health & wellness products and services
Taxable benefit
Gym membership, Art Therapy, Athletic Attire, Nutrition, Yoga, Life coach, Pilates, Professional Development, Personal Training, Personal Development, Meditation, Specialized food, Ski passes …and more

Wellness beyond just health and dental Olympia Benefits

Go beyond health and dental

Emotional and mental health, prevention of illness, physical fitness, social well being and financial well being are key areas for consideration when it comes to employee well being. These wellness related activities are often not eligible with an HSA or insurance plan.

“86% of plan members agree that a workplace environment that encourages health and wellness is an important factor when deciding on a job offer or remaining at an organization”. Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey 2020

Wellness Spending Account highlights

Take control with Health Spending Account

Build a culture of wellness

  • Increase loyalty
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve retention
Keep employees happy with Health Spending Account

Keep employees happy

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Flexible benefit
  • Improve job satisfaction
Custom Plans with Health Spending Account

Designed by you

  • Stay within budget
  • Customize your plan
  • Easy plan management

Design your WSA

Determine your budget with Wellness Spending Account

Determine your budget

Select how much to offer each employee classification. For example, executives receive $2,000 and full-time employee receive $500.

Select wellness categories with Wellness Spending Account

Select wellness categories

Choose from 5 eligible categories: nutrition, professional / personal development, personal / family interest, fitness, and mental health

See a complete list of eligible expenses →

Funding account Wellness Spending Account

Fund the account

Claims are paid from the HSA employer funding account. Employer only pays for what is claimed.

How does a WSA claim work?

Employee pays medical expense with Health Spending Account

Employee pays health expense.

Employee submits claim online with Health Spending Account

Employee submits claim online.

Olympia debits employer funding account with Health Spending Account

Olympia debits employer funding account.

Olympia reimburses employee directly with Health Spending Account

Olympia reimburses employee directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Wellness Spending Account cost?

$99/year and 8% administration fee on claims

Who can get it?

Existing Olympia clients may add WSA to their HSA group plan.

How do I sign up?

An existing HSA Group employer can sign up through My Olympia under the Manage Tab.

Where do I make claims for the WSA?

Olympia’s WSA claims are made exclusively on the Olympia Benefits mobile app.

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Reward your team with wellness

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