Health Spending Account Features

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Company Advantage

The Olympia HSA is a boutique product designed specifically for small business owners. It allows you to expense 100% of your personal medical costs through your corporation. The funds submitted through the HSA are 100% tax free to you and 100% tax deductible for your business.

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No Strings Attached

We understand small business owners are frustrated with the exclusions, limitations, and conditions of insurance plans.

Break free from these constraints and discover the freedom of an Olympia HSA:

  • No Medical Underwriting
  • No Co-Insurance Payments
  • No Deductibles

My Online Claim

Submit, pay, and be reimbursed through our convenient, fast, and secure online platform. No more trips to the post office and no more confusing paper exchanges. Expect your claim to be processed in 24 hours with reimbursement to your personal bank account in 1 to 2 business days.

MY Online Claim is an industry first. It is an online platform developed by Olympia that has simplified the lives for thousands of small business owners.

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100% Coverage

Forget about copayments, deductibles, and exclusions. Use the Olympia HSA to pay for 100% of your medical expenses. The list of eligible expenses is extensive.

  • laser eye surgery
  • extended dental (including orthodontics)
  • chiropractors

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4 Bonus Add Ons Included

You receive four bonus services when you join the Olympia HSA Deluxe. You receive exclusive pricing to Dialogue – one of Canada’s most innovative companies providing unlimited, virtual, on demand healthcare. This service is normally unavailable to a family business or professional corporation.

You also receive a premium travel medical insurance plan with exceptional coverage for out of province/country travel. In addition, the emergency medical insurance plan offers top-of-the-line coverage for unexpected accidents in Canada. Finally, the catastrophic drug plan (see below) will protect you against potentially devastating prescription drug costs.

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