Health Spending Account Features

Employee Advantage

Give your employees the freedom to spend healthcare dollars where they are most needed.

Unlike a traditional insurance program, employees will receive their health and dental benefits without pre-qualifications, limitations, or restrictions. Your employees will gain the flexibility to customize their benefits program to best fit their needs.

Health Spending Accounts reimburse employees for many health-related expenses not typically covered by a traditional benefits plan.

Here are two examples:

  • Laser eye surgery
  • Major dental (including adult orthodontics)

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Company Advantage

Give your company an advantage and use the Olympia HSA to be in control of your benefit plan costs. The full cost of your benefit plan is calculated in advance as the employer sets benefit limits for the employees each plan year.

Each plan year employers have the opportunity to make adjustments to benefit limits. Benefit amounts can be adjusted up or down, based on the company budget for the upcoming plan year. Get flexibility to set classification structure, benefit limits and roll-over of funds.

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Take control and get a plan that works best for your company dynamics.

A traditional insurance program offers you cookie cutter benefits without flexibility. With the Olympia HSA Group, you have the flexibility to set classification structure, benefit limits, installment frequency and roll-over of funds.

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Direct and Online Support

Get expert assistance at your fingertips. Olympia is committed to providing a people-first approach to our clients. You will be in good hands with the most experienced team in the Health Spending Account industry.

Many of our staff members have been with us since the beginning of Olympia’s pioneering of Health Spending Accounts to small businesses across Canada.

Enhance your HSA

You have the option to add 3 unique products to your Health Spending Account. View the product highlights →

  1. A medical travel insurance plan. Vital for out of province and country medical emergencies.
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  2. An emergency medical plan. A key addition to protect your staff for out of pocket costs not covered by provincial health plans.
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  3. A catastrophic drug plan. A low cost plan offering critical assistance to employees with high drug costs.
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