Coordination of Benefits

Learn how to submit your claim when you have multiple benefit plans.

We often get asked how to submit claims when there is a traditional insurance plan involved through a spouse or separate plan outside of Olympia Benefits.

When you have a traditional insurance plan on top of the Olympia HSA it's important to understand that Olympia is always the last to process the claim. This means that the claim should be sent to the traditional insurance company first and then once they have paid their portion, Olympia will process the outstanding balance.

After your claim has been sent to your traditional insurance company and they have paid out their portion of the claim, you can go ahead and submit the remainder to Olympia Benefits. When submitting the claim online to Olympia, input the dollar amount that is outstanding (not paid by the insurance company). If your claim is selected for a random audit, simply provide us the Explanation of Benefits from the insurance company so that we can see what has already been paid out.

Remember to file all your receipts and the Explanation of Benefits for your records in case you need to reference them in the future.