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Steps to add Dialogue to your

Here's the steps to get started:

  1. Sign in to MyOlympia as a benefits coordinator
  2. Click Manage
  3. Scroll down to Dialogue Services
  4. Read through the Dialogue Service Agreement
  5. Fill and complete the Dialogue Service Order Form
  6. Send completed Service Order Form by email to


Here's what happens after sending us the form:

  1. We will forward your Service Order Form and a list of your active employees to Dialogue for processing. Your plan will launch in two weeks, allowing Dialogue to set up your business and employees.
  2. In the two-week, pre-launch period, Dialogue will provide onboarding information for you to share with your employees. In addition, you will receive log-in information and have access to employee management and monthly billing
  3. On the day of the launch, you will be asked to send an email to your employees inviting them to download Dialogue from the mobile App Store. Once the employee has downloaded the app, they can click Get Started and create an account using the same email address registered to their Health Spending Account.
  4. Employees will receive several emails from Dialogue which will contain information on how to use the plan over the next few days.
  5. Employees can also add their spouse and dependent children to the plan for no extra cost
    NOTE: The spouse and dependent children over the age of 14 must have unique email addresses for confidentiality purposes.