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Latest Episodes

16| Mental Health in the Workplace: Adaptability, Stress Management, and the “New Now”

Speaker: Keirstyn Secord

With all that has happened so far this year, how do we manage our own mental health while meeting work demands? How can business owners and leaders help employees adapt to new working conditions? Is it possible for us to minimize our stress? And, what is the current state of mental health in Canada? Keirstyn answers all these questions, and more, on this episode.

15| The Magic of Sleep: Adding Life to Years and Years to Life

Speaker: Rick Tiedemann

Have you experienced interrupted sleep? Learn 5 major reasons why sleep is more important than many of us even know, and the 4 keys to getting your best night's sleep. Sleep expert, Rick Tiedemann, shares his tips for improving your sleep, and overall quality of life. 

14| What Do Accountants Recommend for Small Businesses Seeking Financial Relief from COVID-19?

Speakers: Curtis Gabinet and Matt Peterson

2020 has been a whirlwind for Canadians, and small businesses have been hit hard. As a result, the Government of Canada announced Canada's COVID-19 Economic Response Plan. On this episode, Chartered Professional Accountants, Matthew Peterson and Curtis Gabinet, discuss: the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, the Canada Emergency Business Account, and the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. Listen to find out which financial relief program is the best fit for your business, and what considerations you should be making.

13| How Influencer Marketing Helps Small Businesses Reach New Customers

Speaker: Rachel Antony

Influencer marketing provides the opportunity for small businesses to reach a new, highly-engaged audiences. On this episode, Rachel Antony, local Calgary influencer and marketer, explains what types of businesses may benefit from influencer marketing, how to find local influencers, how to properly reach out to an influencer to collaborate, how to set budgets and expectations, and how creative direction is determined. If you’ve never tried influencer marketing, or you’d like to learn more about it, this is the episode for you.

12| What Should You Eat for Productivity & Stress Relief?

Speaker: Andrea Holwegner RD

Registered Dietitian, and self-proclaimed “chocoholic,” Andrea Holwegner talks nutrition and productivity. She explains what the 3 kinds of hunger are, the components every meal should have, the best foods to serve in the workplace for productivity, how to incorporate the foods you love into a healthy diet, and more. 

11| How to Maintain a Success Mindset During Difficult Times

Speaker: Nana Jokura

Discover strategies for staying in a success mindset during highly stressful times. Success Mindset Consultant, Nana Jokura, joins The Small Business Mastermind to provide leading tips and inspiration to help small businesses find opportunity during even the most difficult times.


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Morgan Berna is the host of Olympia Benefits’ podcast, The Small Business Mastermind. Her background is in marketing, journalism, and broadcasting. Passionate about small business, she aims to create content that inspires and educates listeners.