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Latest Episodes

23| Keeping Your Email Safe, Handling Remote Work & Debunking Cyber Security Myths

Speaker: Dominic Vogel

This episode is Part 2 of our cyber security series with Dominic Vogel. We talk: keeping your email safe, common cyber security myths, how the cyber risk landscape has changed as a result of COVID-19, how to handle the risks associated with having a remote workforce, creating a safe website for visitors, why stress puts us more at risk for cyber crime, and how employees can talk to management about cyber security. 

22| Handling Ransomware Attacks, Protecting Your Data & If You Should be Using the Cloud

Speaker: Dominic Vogel

This episode is Part 1 of our cyber security for small business series. Learn: what cyber security is, how at-risk our data is, if our phones or computers are more at-risk, if it's safe to store data on the cloud, how often we should be updating our software, how to handle a ransomware attack, and more. 

21| The Best Kept Tax Secret for Incorporated Professionals

Speaker: Daniel Gillis

Take a deep dive into the best kept tax secret for small businesses, Health Spending Accounts. HSAs help business owners reduce taxes and healthcare costs. This episode walks incorporated professionals through everything they need to know about Health Spending Accounts, from what they are to how they are CRA compliant. 

20| 3 Branding Secrets to Make the Sale

Speaker: Bryton Udy

Discover Bryton Udy’s Brand Clarity Framework, which establishes 3 core pillars for creating a successful, memorable brand. This episode explores ways to simplify your messaging to facilitate sales, common branding mistakes small business make, and stories of businesses that are at the top of the branding game. Whether the brand is old, or new, these tips will help you look at it in a whole new way.

19| Social Media for Small Business: Where to Start, Finding Your Audience, and What to Post

Speaker: Mitzi Payne

If you’ve ever wondered why or how to start a social media account for your small business or work, this is the episode for you. Social media expert, Mitzi Payne, explains how to use social media for almost any industry or size of business, which platforms to use and how often to post, what metrics really matter, and more.

18| How to Get Work Done While Working from Home

Speaker: Teresa Douglas | Website | Book

Discover strategies for handling the distractions, loneliness, and communication issues that arise while working from home. Remote worker of 10+ years and author of the new book, “Working Remotely: Secrets to Success for Employees on Distributed Teams,” Teresa Douglas, gives strategies for making working from home productive and balanced on this episode.


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Morgan Berna is the host of Olympia Benefits’ podcast, The Small Business Mastermind. Her background is in marketing, journalism, and broadcasting. Passionate about small business, she aims to create content that inspires and educates listeners.