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Latest Episodes

7| The Connection Between Financial, Physical, and Mental Health

Speaker: Russ Dyck

On this episode Russ Dyck, of Frame Financial, explains the connection between financial, physical, and mental health, and discusses what business owners can do to help themselves and their employees take control of their finances.

6| How to Pay Less in Taxes as an Employee in Canada

Speakers: Curtis Gabinet and Matt Peterson

Personal finance can be confusing. When should you start an RRSP? How does stock trading work? And what do you do if you're audited? On this episode, Chartered Professional Accountants, Matthew Peterson and Curtis Gabinet, discuss everything you need to know to get financially fit in 2020.

5| Tips for Small Business Accounting

Speakers: Curtis Gabinet and Matt Peterson

The start of a new year is the perfect time to check-in on your financial status and goals. On this episode, we sit down with Chartered Professional Accountants, Matthew Peterson and Curtis Gabinet, to discuss what small business owners need to know. From dividends and wages, to minimizing taxes, this episode is packed with their top advice.

4| Telemedicine for Small Businesses: What It Is & Where It’s Going

Speaker: Steve Chamberlain

On this episode, we talk with Steve Chamberlain from Dialogue’s telemedicine platform. Steve answers the tough questions to help you understand what exactly telemedicine is, how it works, and if it’s a good fit for your company.

3| Leadership Well-Being As a Risk Mitigation Strategy

Speaker: Rick Tiedemann

While the conversation around employee wellness programs is growing, it can be easy as a leader to forget about your own well-being. However, as Rick explains, forgetting to focus on the well-being of the leadership team puts the entire company at risk. On this episode, Rick Tidemann explores ways the leadership team can incorporate well-being into the work day, and explains the importance of diet, exercise, mindfulness, and sleep for productivity.

2| What Small Business Owners Need to Know About Employee Wellness Programs

Speakers: Michelle Berg and Dr. Paul Terry

Everyone seems to be talking about employee wellness programs, but figuring out what exactly these programs should include can be confusing. You may be wondering what they are, how to build one, if they work, and if small businesses should be considering them. On this episode, we speak with Michelle Berg of Elevated HR Solutions and Dr. Paul Terry of the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) to answer these questions, guide you in creating an employee wellness program that works, and help you take steps to improve your overall workplace culture.

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Morgan Berna is the host of Olympia Benefits’ podcast, The Small Business Mastermind. Her background is in marketing, journalism, and broadcasting. Passionate about small business, she aims to create content that inspires and educates listeners.