Bring the value back into your employee benefit program

Provide valuable, diverse coverage to your employees and their dependents without the fear of annual premium increases

Canada's Next Generation Health Spending Account

Health Spending Account Medical Insurance
Health Spending Account

Save money on your medical expenses

Emergency Medical Insurance
Emergency Medical Insurance

Prepare for life's unexpected emergencies

Travel Medical Insurance
Travel Medical Insurance

Protect yourself and your family anywhere

Catastrophic Drug Insurance

Shield yourself from tragedy

Why over 40,000 small business owners, and
100,000 employees love Olympia

Break free of restrictions
and get a health
spending account with
no deposit requirements or per claim fees
Gain from our standing
as a transparent and
regulated public
you're in good hands
with the most
experienced team
in the industry

The Olympia HSA at a glance

Company Advantage
Company Advantage

Get cost control
and plan design.


Design your
company program.

Medical Travel and Emergency Insurance
Medical Travel and Emergency Insurance

Protect yourself
wherever you go.

Employee Advantage
Employee Advantage

Get flexible
healthcare dollars.

Direct and Online support
Direct and Online support

Experience world class

Bonus Emergency Insurance
Catastrophic Drug Insurance

Protect yourself
from unplanned emergencies.

Company Advantage

Get cost control and plan design

Give your company an advantage and use the Olympia Group HSA to pay your medical expenses in the most cost effective way possible.
More on Company Advantage

Employee Advantage

Get flexible healthcare dollars

Give your employees the freedom to spend
healthcare dollars where they are most needed.
More on Employee Advantage


Design your company program

Take control and get a program that works best for your company dynamics.
More on Customization

Direct and Online Support

Experience world class support

Get expert assistance at your fingertips. Olympia is committed to providing a people-first approach to our clients.  To assist you and your employees with any questions once your plan is in place, you will all have access to our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care Specialists.
More on Direct and Online Support

Insurance Enhancements

Protect your staff

Get complete protection within your province or while travelling. Adding comprehensive coverage for medical emergencies at home and abroad is quick, easy and affordable with the Olympia HSA Group.
More on Insurance Enhancements

Catastrophic Drug Insurance

Shield yourself from tragedy

A sudden diagnosis of a medical condition can be stressful and expensive.  Get coverage for prescription drug costs that can get out of hand.
More on Catastrophic Drug Insurance

Affordable Pricing

Olympia HSA Group Online

  • One Time Fees

  • $335 setup

  • $40 per employee

  • Ongoing Fees

  • 8% per claim

  • $99 annual membership

Optional Insurance Products

Product Up to age 54 55-69 0-69
Medical Travel* $174 $305  
Emergency Medical*     $90
Catastrophic Drug     $66

* add 8% if located in Ontario. Discount available for more than 10 employees.

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