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The Top 24
FAQ on
Health Spending Accounts

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The Olympia HSA at a glance

Company Advantage

Get cost control
and plan design

Employee Advantage

Get flexibility
and ease of use


Design your own
Health Spending Account

Direct and online support

world class support

Enhance your HSA

Bring your HSA
to the next level

100% Digital

Sign up, make claims,
and edit your plan online

Company Advantage

Get Cost Control And Plan Design

There are no premiums with a Health Spending Account AND you get full control in designing your plan to meet your unique needs.

Employee Advantage

Get flexibility and happy employees

Give your employees the freedom to spend healthcare dollars where they are most needed.


Design Your Own Health Spending Account

Take control and get the best for your small business dynamics.

Direct and Online Support

Experience World Class Support

You're in good hands with the most experienced team in the industry.

Enhance your HSA

Protect Your Staff

Protect your employees from medical emergencies.

Get virtual healthcare for your employees

Give innovative healthcare

Experience virtual healthcare anywhere you go.

How does a claim work?

Step 1 — Employee pays for $100 medical expense upfront.

Step 2 — Employee logs in to personal HSA account and submits a claim online. Employee keeps original receipt.

Step 3 — Olympia debits Employer funding account $108. (Cost + 8% Admin Fee)

Step 4 — Olympia reimburses employee $100 directly by online banking. The process occurs within 24 hours.

The $100 reimbursement is tax free.

The $100 payment from the business is tax deductible.

Affordable Pricing

One Time Fees

$335 setup *

$40 per employee

Ongoing Fees

8% per claim *

$99 annual fee

Optional Insurance Products

Insurance Product Up to age 54 55-69 0-69
Medical Travel* $186 $317  
Emergency Medical*     $90
Catastrophic Drug*     $66
View Insurance Product Details

* HSA taxes vary by province.

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Health Spending

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Discover background information on health insurance and gain perspective on insurance issues facing small business owners.

The Beginner's Guide to Health Spending Accounts

Get an introduction to Health Spending Accounts and discover why they have become a viable and cost effective alternative to traditional health insurance.

See how an HSA saves the business owner money through cost control.

The Complete Olympia
HSA Group Walkthrough

Get a complete description of Olympia's Health Spending Account.

See how the plan works, the plan options available to you, and how your employees can make a claim.

Why over 55,000 small business owners and 100,000 employees love Olympia


Break free of restrictions and get a Health Spending Account with no additional per claim fees or forced deposits.


Gain from our standing as a transparent and regulated public company

Amazing Support

You're in good hands with the most experienced team in the industry