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Write off your medical expenses, get 100% coverage, and instant online claims.

Canada's Next Generation Health Spending Account

  • Health Spending Account | Save money on your medical expenses
  • Emergency Medical Insurance | Prepare for life's unexpected emergencies
  • Travel Medical Insurance | Protect yourself and your family anywhere
  • Catastrophic Drug Insurance | Shield yourself from tragedy

Demo Video: Take charge of your medical costs

Is the Olympia HSA right for you?

  1. I operate a corporation with no arm's length employees *
  2. I have medical expenses
  3. I receive T4 income

* You qualify for the Olympia HSA and it will save you money if you meet the criteria above.

If you do not meet the criteria above, we have a solution for you.

Exactly how does
a Health Spending
Account save
my business money?!

Show Me How

The Olympia HSA at a glance

Company Advantage

Get cost control
and plan design

No Strings Attached

Experience a
plan with freedom

My Online Claim

Enjoy instant
online claims

100% Coverage

Take advantage of
a wide range of expenses

Bonus Insurance

Protect yourself
wherever you go

100% Digital

Sign up, claim, reimburse,
edit all online

Company Advantage

Write off your medical expenses

Give your company an advantage by using the Olympia HSA to pay your medical expenses in the most cost-effective way possible.

No Strings Attached

Experience the freedom of an olympia hsa

Cut loose from the restrictions of a traditional insurance plan.

My Online Claim

Enjoy instant online claims

Submit, pay and be reimbursed through our convenient, fast, and secure online platform.

100% Coverage

Take Advantage of a wide range of expenses

Forget about co-payments, deductibles and exclusions. Use yourplan to the fullest.

3 Bonus Insurance Plans Included

Protect Yourself Wherever You Go

  • Medical Travel Insurance
  • Emergency Medical Insurance
  • Catastrophic Drug Insurance

How does a claim work?

Step 1 — Pay for the $3,000 medical expense on your personal credit card.

Step 2 — Login to your HSA account with Olympia and submit the details of your receipt online. You hold on to the original.

Step 3 — Send a payment online to Olympia from your business bank account for $3,000.

Step 4 — Olympia reimburses you personally for your original personal expense. A direct deposit of $3,000 will be made to your personal bank account.

The $3,000 reimbursement is tax free.

The $3,000 payment from your corporation is tax deductible.

Affordable Pricing

Canada's Only HSA with no administration or setup fees

Max Two Employees
(business owner/spouse)
Includes Dependants

$499 annually *

* HSA Taxes vary by province.

  • Write off medical expenses
  • Online claims
  • 100% coverage
  • Bonus Travel Insurance
  • Bonus Emergency Insurance
  • Bonus Catastrophic Drug Insurance

Max Two Employees
(business owner/spouse)
Includes Dependants

$249 annually *

* HSA Taxes vary by province.

  • Write off medical expenses
  • Online claims
  • 100% coverage

Sharpen your understanding of
Health Spending

Three Keys To Understanding Insurance

Reduce the confusion and mystery surrounding insurance with this easy-to-read guide.

Learn what insurance is, what you should insure, and what you should not insure.

The beginner's guide to health spending accounts

Learn how to manage your medical costs.

Get an introduction to Health Spending Accounts and find out why they work so well with small businesses.

Health spending account
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See how the Brown family saved 37% on their medical expenses by using a Health Spending Account for their family business.

Savings Calculator

Find out how much your business will save

Why over 55,000 small business owners and 100,000 employees love Olympia

The Health Spending Account

The most cost-effective method for paying medical expenses

Convenient Digital Platform

Get a 100% digital experience

Amazing Support

You're in good hands with the most experienced team in the industry