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A smarter way to pay for medical expenses

A smarter way to pay for medical expenses

An HSA is special account used to pay for your healthcare expenses. The benefit is 100% tax free to you and 100% tax deductible for your corporation.

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Health Spending Account highlights

Save on healthcare with Health Spending Account

Save on healthcare

  • Pay less taxes
  • No premiums
  • No setup or administration fees
Improve your experience with Health Spending Account

Improve your experience

  • Fast, direct, easy sign up
  • Mobile claims anywhere, anytime
  • No deductibles, no copayments
Advance your well-being with Health Spending Account

Advance your well-being

  • Dependants included
  • Worry free coverage
  • Pre-existing conditions are ok

How does a Health Spending Account work?

Health Spending Account Step 1

Pay for your medical expense personally.

Health Spending Account Step 2

Submit your claim on your mobile device.

Health Spending Account Step 3

Send payment from your corporation.

Health Spending Account Step 4

Olympia reimburses your personal bank account.

The payment from your corporation is 100% tax deductible for your company. The reimbursement is 100% tax free to you personally. You get to withdraw money from your corporation tax free to pay for your medical expenses.

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How to qualify for a Health Spending Account

How to qualify

  1. Incorporated business
  2. No arm’s length employees
  3. Receive T4 income

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Get complete coverage with a Health Spending Account

Get complete coverage

Forget about co-payments, deductibles, and exclusions. Discover the freedom of an HSA.

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Strengthen your coverage with a Health Spending Account

Strengthen your coverage

Protect yourself from unplanned medical emergencies inside and outside Canada.

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Get the best with a Health Spending Account

Get the best

Improve your speed and access to healthcare by adding telehealth to your HSA

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Incorporated Individual Pricing

For a corporation with no arm’s length employees


$699 / year
HSA + Insurance + Virtual Healthcare

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$499 / year
HSA + Insurance

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$249 / year
Health Spending Account

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  • HSA for an incorporated individual
  • 100% coverage
  • Direct online sign up
  • No administration or setup fees
  • $15,000 per year claim limit
  • Dependants included
  • 24hr claim reimbursement
  • Claim by App
  • 10 day money back guarantee*


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Your Sign Up Journey

benefits sign up proccess
benefits sign up proccess

Sharpen your understanding of a Health Spending Account

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Savings Calculator

Find out how much your business could save with a Health Spending Account

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3 Reasons to Buy from Olympia

Health Spending Accounts Transparent Pricing
Transparent Pricing

One low annual fee for all to see

Health Spending Accounts Unlimited Claims
Unlimited Claims

Never pay an administration fee

Health Spending Accounts Guaranteed satisfaction
Guaranteed satisfaction

10 day refund on all new plans if not satisfied