A&B Tool Rentals

"What convinced Aldo to make the switch was Olympia’s digital platform for easy management and fast, on-demand customer service."

Getting your Money’s Worth with Olympia

Based in Surrey and Vancouver, A&B Tool Rentals are “Your Go-To Tool Guys” for your equipment needs. Their promise is the right tool for the task at hand. That's why Aldo was set on finding the right tool for his team's health and dental expenses.

“We get tons of phone calls from agents trying to sell health insurance. The minute I tell them I’m using an HSA, they stop their sales pitch. It’s a great deterrent.” says Aldo.


Aldo, owner of A&B Tool Rentals was no amateur when it came to employee benefits packages. He had looked at both insurance and Health Spending Accounts (HSA) from various providers. He was sold on the HSA based on the fact that costs are easily measurable and 100% of the designated allowances actually went to the employee with no unnecessary restrictions, premiums, or deductions. In fact, he had already used an HSA for years before Olympia. Aldo made the switch because he saw the value in Olympia’s digital platform and on-demand customer service. Like Olympia, Aldo always seeks to improve his own business online.

Today, an HSA helps Aldo retain his employees by showing that he cares for their wellbeing.

Getting your Money’s Worth with Olympia

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