Cost Control

We design our products to help Canada’s smallest businesses save money. There are no premiums. You pay one fixed fee. You design a plan on your budget that will never have a surprise rate increase. You are not penalized for using your plan.

There’s a better way to health when you’re in control.

Healthcare experience

Your experience begins with a fast, direct, and easy sign up. From there, make mobile claims anywhere, anytime. There are no deductibles, copayments, or penalties for pre-existing conditions. We offer improved healthcare access with virtual healthcare and extended coverage for unplanned emergencies.

Be worry free with Olympia.


We are here to help Canadians answer the tough questions.

Our prices are visible for all to see and our intent is to deliver true healthcare to our clients. We are here for you.

We help two types of small business

Olympia Benefits Incorporated Professionals Health Spending Account

Incorporated Professionals

For consultants, contractors, and a business with no arm's length employees

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Olympia Benefits Employee Benefits Health Spending Account

Employee Benefits

For a business with at least one arm’s length employee

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