What are some common Wellness Spending Account Eligible Expenses?

By: Updated: July 7, 2021

A Wellness Spending Account (WSA) encourages employee wellness and healthy living. These plans typically provide spending allowances for things like gym memberships, classes, relationship counselling, or that new pair of running shoes. 

Unlike a Health Spending Account (HSA), Wellness Spending Account allowances are a taxable benefit, meaning they contribute to a plan user's total yearly taxable amount (or salary). As a result, eligible expenses are not dictated by the CRA. Instead, they are determined by the WSA provider or employer. 

Take a look at these 5 categories of eligible expenses that you can claim with an Olympia Wellness Spending Account:

Wellness Spending Account Eligible Expenses


  1. Nutrition counselling 
  2. Over-the-counter vitamins and supplements
  3. Specialized food (carb free, Keto meals etc.)
    • Boost
    • Pedisure
  4. Weight Management


  1. Fitness/Sports Equipment
    • Baseball bat, gloves
    • Bicycle helmet
    • Boxing gloves
    • Equipment rentals such as skis, skates, snowboards, canoe, kayak
    • Ergonomic office equipment
    • Foam roller
    • Frisbee
    • Goggles
    • Golf clubs
    • Hiking boots
    • Hockey bag
    • Hockey pucks
    • Hockey sticks
    • Home free weights
    • Home treadmill
    • Life jacket
    • Outdoor bicycle
    • Personal hockey gear such as shoulder pads, shorts, socks, gloves, helmet, cage, elbow pads
    • Protective gear such as sports helmet, goggles, shin guards, wrist guards, mouthguards
    • Punching bag
    • Rock climbing shoes
    • Rock climbing harness
    • Running shoes
    • Ski hat, gloves, face mask
    • Snorkel gear
  2. Courses/lessons/memberships
    • Club memberships
    • Dance lessons
    • Fun Run registration fees
    • Golf registration fees
    • Ice hockey arena rental fees
    • Marathon/race registration fees
    • Martial arts lessons
    • Parkour gym fees
    • Personal training fees
    • Self-defense course
    • Skating lessons
    • Ski passes
    • Ski/snowboard lessons
    • Sports team registration fees
    • Swimming lessons
    • Swimming pool entrance fee

Professional / Personal Development 

  1. Books/Software
  2. Courses/conferences/seminars
    • Continuing education
    • Language training
    • Parking for course
  3. Professional membership fee

Personal / Family Interest 

  1. Art classes/supplies
  2. Horseback riding lessons
  3. Music lessons
  4. Pre-natal classes 
  5. Sign language classes

Mental Health

  1. Art therapy 
  2. Hypnosis
  3. Mindfulness
  4. Reiki
  5. Retreat Registration fees
    • Hiking retreat
    • Meditation retreat
    • Yoga retreat

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Here is a list of ineligible items under Olympia's Wellness Spending Account. These are commonly mistaken as eligible:

Wellness Spending Account Ineligible Expenses

Nutrition (Ineligible)

  1. Blender
  2. Body scale
  3. Botox injections
  4. Cooking classes
  5. Cool Sculpt
  6. Food journal
  7. Food scale
  8. Food storage containers
  9. Juicer
  10. Liposuction
  11. Measuring cups/spoons
  12. Nicotine gum/patches (eligible under HSA)

Fitness (Ineligible)

  1. Axe throwing class fees
  2. Bear spray
  3. Bow and arrow
  4. Camping registration fees
  5. Clip in shoes for stationary bike
  6. Ear muff
  7. Epipen
  8. Epson salts
  9. Fishing net
  10. Fishing pole
  11. Flip flops
  12. Foot soaker tub
  13. Gas to hockey games
  14. Golf bag
  15. GPS locator
  16. Gym bag
  17. Headband
  18. Headphones
  19. Hiking backpack
  20. Hot tub/sauna
  21. Hunting rifle
  22. Ice/heat packs
  23. Lock for locker
  24. Massage oils
  25. Nintendo Wii accessories/games
  26. Nintendo Wii console
  27. Personal massager
  28. Reflective running/biking clothing
  29. Ski jacket
  30. Snow pants
  31. Socks
  32. Sports bras
  33. Sports jerseys
  34. Sunglasses
  35. Sunscreen
  36. Sweatshirt
  37. Swim suit
  38. Tape
  39. Tens Machine
  40. Towels
  41. Waist belt for water
  42. Water bottle
  43. Wireless headphones
  44. Work out shirts/tanks/t-shirts
  45. Workout pants/shorts
  46. Workout videos

Professional / Personal Development (Ineligible)

  1. Art supplies
  2. Driving lessons
  3. Kids camp registration fees
  4. Laptops/computers
  5. Movie tickets
  6. Pet obedience classes
  7. Theater tickets

Mental Health (Ineligible)

  1. Daylight lightbulbs
  2. Essential oils
  3. Meditation books
  4. S.A.D Lightbox

Thanks for reading through these Wellness Spending Account eligible expenses (and ineligible). I hope it helped!

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