My Journey into Stem Cells Down South

By: Updated: June 5, 2024


You’ve probably heard of stem cells but may not know much about them. There are basically 2 types. One type involves growing stem cells from your own body. I’m 74 so I would be growing old cells. The other source of stem cells is harvesting them from the placenta of new born babies. This is my real journey into stem cells and I'd like to take you on this deep dive.


Stem Cells in Canada

Canada has never allowed stem cells harvested from placenta. Canadians used to have to go to the US for stem cell treatments. In the US, you could get up to 200 million stem cells injected in one treatment (much more than in Canada). About 4 years ago, the FDA announced that they would only allow 7 million per treatment. This change in the rules virtually put all stem cell treatments in the US out of business.


Going back in time

About 5 years ago my arthritis in my knees and back were bothering me so I went to Spokane to get some platelets (poorer cousin to stem cells). They took 60 vials of blood and from that gathered the platelets that they then injected back into my knees and back. For an extra $500 they also put some in my shoulder that was scheduled for an operation. My shoulder has fully recovered, free from pain, and my knees and back have shown significant improvement. A year later I found a place close to Calgary and went for more platelets. This time they only took 10 vials of blood and the treatment basically had no effect. Therefore, I recommend seeking platelet treatments in the US..

Our friend’s child had a terrible accident and was without oxygen for 12 to 14 minutes. After three months, he was discharged and sent home.. He was stiff as a board with a feeding tube. The doctors said they could do nothing more. In the meantime, I had given the parents some information on hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He’s had over 250 treatments and improved immensely. It was his parents that got me interested in stem cells because they took him to the US due to the 200 million stem cells in one treatment.


So why did the FDA reduce the permitted number of stem cells to practically zero?

Was it because the knee and back surgeons were losing too many arthritis patients to stem cells? Stem cell injections are administered using a syringe, without the need for any invasive procedures. Recovery typically takes just a day or two. Although there is some skepticism behind its effectiveness and the dangers of a negative reaction, my personal journey proved fruitful. 


I have undergone three stem cell treatments

My initial experience was in Bogota, where unfortunately I contracted a staff infection despite the hospital's exceptional cleanliness. The second treatment took place in Puerto Vallarta. Shortly after, I played my first game of golf in a year. After my carpal tunnel operation, my hand swelled up, necessitating another procedure. Stuck unable to golf or enjoy the water, I found myself in a picturesque setting, unable to fully partake in the activities around me.

Fortunately, I heard about a professional clinic nearby called Renue from friends, I visited their location and got my back redone for $25,000, half the price I paid in Bogota. With a founding membership purchase, my wife and I now get stem cell treatments at cost.

The following winter I returned to Renue at Puerto Vallarta with 5 friends that needed hyperbaric treatment and stem cells. I paid the bill for all of us. They made a mistake and showed me what their gross profit was. I was astounded! I had went to visit the Porta Vallarta doctor who had operated on my hand the year before. He also gives stem cell treatments and he likes to give you chelation for 5 days before to get the metals out of your system.

Dr Victor Rocha owns his own small hospital. He’s about 55. He would charge you about $8000 for 2 million stem cells. His patients have had excellent results. So there you have my complete journey. I spent $50,000 in Columbia, $25,000 at a first class clinic with hyperbaric treatment and more, and then found an $8000 solution.


For customers of Olympia Benefits

We have negotiated a 25% discount on stem cells at Renue. Additionally, for necessary medical treatment using stem cells, the Health Spending Account coverage limits can be raised to cover your accommodation, airfare and treatment.

Feel free to call me. I've had stem cells in my feet, hand, back, shoulder, and knees, finding it almost magical like Tony Robbins does. My wife's arthritis in her hands vanished in about 6 months..

Combining Olympia Benefits with the help of our 25% discount at Renue Clinic can be life changing both financially and health-wise. By the way if you need a new hip and are tired of waiting for months or years we have proven contacts that can have you post operative within a few weeks.

Canada‘s wait in line for medical treatment system is completely out done by Mexico in these regards. Consider getting affordable dental work in Mexico, which can be reimbursed by your Olympia Benefits plan. Make sure to check your limits and ask your plan holder (yourself or an employer) to increase them for large medical expenses.




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