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10 Essential Decisions for Business Owners

Posted by Angelina Hung on May 3, 2019

Here are 10 decisions every business owner will come across. If you are a small business advisor, this article is for you. See how you can help them through these difficult decisions.

Business owners can be crazy-busy... they're busy running a successful business, wearing lots of hats and making a ton of decisions. As an advisor, helping a business owner plan ahead can help them achieve their business goals and personal goals. Not only are you helping them and their families, you're helping them protect and ensure their future prosperity and in some cases the next generation too.

We've put together a powerpoint presentation and video that covers 10 essential decisions for a business owner from considering corporate structure to retirement and succession planning.  The essential questions include:

  • Best structure for your business (ex. Sole Proprietor, Corporation, Partnership)
  • Reduce taxes
  • What to do with surplus cash
  • Build employee loyalty
  • Reduce risk
  • Deal with the unexpected
  • Retire from your business
  • Sell your business
  • Keep your business in the family
  • What to do when you're retired

The presentation is unbranded so you can add your own contact information, your website link and your logo to it. Don't forget to use it with your clients and centers of influence and on your website, email and social media.

The PowerPoint Presentation


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