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5 tips for knee pain management

Posted by K. F. on October 6, 2014

A diagnosis of a chronic knee joint condition doesn’t have to mean a drastic decrease in quality of life, but it could mean some changes.There are many strategies to manage knee pain which will protect joints while helping to maintain lifestyle.

It’s always best to work with your physician or a trained specialist, such as a physiotherapist, when developing plans to help with joint pain control and mobility. According to The Arthritis Society, here are some options to consider for knee pain management:

1. Keep an eye on weight 

Obesity can contribute to the development of osteoarthritis because excess weight puts extra strain on joints. Losing weight through physical activity or diet modification is a great place to start prolonging joint function and contribute to overall health and well-being.

2. Active living

Since physical activity can strengthen muscles that support joints, an exercise program can play a key role in helping to maintain mobility. Range of motion exercises; strengthening exercises; moderate stretching exercises and endurance exercises can all be beneficial for people living with arthritis.

3. Education

Gaining knowledge about a knee joint condition can help with management. Physicians can be the starting point to help link patients with the vast resources offered by teams of health care professionals specializing in joint care.

4. Protect joints

Pay attention to types of movements and use assistive devices if necessary to protect joints from potentially harmful strain.

5. Medication

There are many medications and topical medicated creams that are available to help manage pain associated with arthritis. Refer to the advice of a physician to determine which medications can best help manage symptoms. 

Despite exhausting all available avenues, sometimes knee joints can degenerate to the point that daily activities become extreme hardships. At that point, knee replacement surgery can be an option. Although it is often one of the last considerations in the management of knee pain, it can also signify a new beginning. Even though there are risks involved, total knee replacement surgery has often proven to be a very successful treatment, enabling millions of people suffering from joint pain to regain quality of life.

Do you own a small business in Canada? The medical cost for your knee care is an eligible business deduction through a Health Spending Account.  

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