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7 types of malocclusion

Posted by K. F. on April 11, 2014

A bad bite, or malocclusion, occurs if teeth don
t fit together properly when the jaws are closed. An improper bite can result in teeth that stick out or that are crooked, crowded or gapped. It can also result in upper teeth that too deeply cover lower teeth or in lower teeth overlapping the upper row when the jaws are closed.

Take a full look at 7 different types of malocclusion.

1. Overjet

The upper teeth extend further forward than the lower and protrude over the lower.

2. Crossbite

This occurs when one or more of the top and bottom teeth are not aligned properly from side to side. The upper teeth can bite inside the bottom teeth instead of outside. Upper teeth may not line up with the corresponding lower teeth.

3. Open bite

There is an opening between the top and bottom front teeth when the back teeth are together.

4. Underbite

The lower jaw and teeth protrude over the upper.

5. Gaps Beetween Teeth

Teeth that are not properly spaced can affect physical appearances. 

6. Crowding

Often due to a smaller jaw structure, crowding means there is not enough space for teeth to fit properly in the mouth.

7. Teeth Protrusion

Protruding teeth can affect appearances and also the effectiveness of a bite.

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