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What Chiropractors ought to know about Health Spending Accounts

Posted by K. F. on October 7, 2015

chiropractor2.jpgChiropractors across Canada have been successfully using Health Spending Accounts for over two decades.

Take advantage of one of Canada's best kept secrets for Chiropractors.

3 key factors make a Health Spending Account (HSA) an ideal match for a chiropractor.


A HSA is the most affordable means for a chiropractor to pay for his personal medical expenses.

  1. Write off 100% of your personal medical expenses through your business
  2. Get cost control and avoid expensive premiums 
  3. No deductibles, co-payments, or additional fees to join

Full Coverage

A HSA offers 100% coverage.

  1. Get a wide and deep range of eligible medical expenses including braces and laser eye surgery
  2. Unlike a traditional insured plan, there are few limits to access your benefits
  3. Inclusive definition of your dependants

Easy to use

Health Spending Accounts are designed with a Chiropractor in mind.

  1. The claim process is completely online and easy to use
  2. No complicated exclusions and conditions on your claims
  3. No medical underwriting

Health Spending Accounts have been widely adopted by Canada’s chiropractor community as a viable alternative to traditional health insurance. Get our free Beginner's Guide on Health Spending Accounts and discover how it will save you and your business money while providing outstanding coverage.

No set up fees. No administration fees.  No premiums.

Beginner's Guide to Health Spending Accounts