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By: Updated: December 3, 2019


Telemedicine is affordable and convenient healthcare for everyone. In today's world, technology has progressed to the point where we can communicate with one another through safe and secure channels. This has led to the birth of telemedicine. These online clinics, or often referred to as virtual healthcare services, are available on many platforms, some in the form of mobile apps and others, desktop websites. Think of it as a "doctor in your pocket". Simply put, telemedicine is the modern solution to healthcare. 

What is telemedicine?

There are various practical uses of telemedicine in today's world. The most common example is a clinician providing a medical service over a distance through the use of telecommunications. People typically think of this as a video chat through their mobile device.

Picture this:

You work at small business with 20 employees. You work at the office 8-4 and get a 1 hour flexible lunch break. Last night you came down with chills but think nothing of it. Today, you show up to work and feel sick. You work through the day but productivity goes down as you're feeling sick. Tomorrow, you will have to take time off work to visit your family doctor, assuming you can find a spot. In most cases, you have to book in advance to get a time or alternatively, wait long hours at a walk-in. 

Now picture that same situation, but with access to virtual mobile healthcare:

Instead of spending the entire day waiting in line at a clinic, you could spend 15-30 minutes of your 1 hour lunch break and talk to a medical professional through your mobile device. A virtual clinic can treat you and provide any prescriptions (as needed). The best part? Prescriptions are shipped to your house or office, free of charge. Imagine the time saved and the immediate relief on the same day for a simple 15 minutes off work. You could even decide the next day whether to stay home and relax if things get more severe, or show up to work knowing full well you are already treated. 

What does telemedicine do for you?

Easy access and convenience for your healthcare needs. Most employees have to change their own schedule or take time off to get a medical appointment. Not with telemedicine, it is a flexible service that works around your busy life. 

Many Canadians postpone appointments because of time constraints. Some have chosen private healthcare to avoid the hassle. No longer will you need to do that, because telemedicine is the affordable alternative. 

Discover some of the perks that Olympia's exclusive partnership with Dialogue Telemedicine offers:

What features can patients access with Dialogue?

  • Chat with nurses in real time
  • Consult with doctors and healthcare professionals via video
  • Renew your prescriptions and get them delivered for free (to your residence or workplace)
  • Get referred to see a specialist in person
  • Get help navigating the healthcare system for in-person visits 
  • Get the follow-up you deserve
  • Telemedicine provides 24/7 access, especially useful for hours outside of the standard work day

What is the popularity behind telemedicine? 

There are several trends leading to the continued telemedicine movement:

  • Longer life spans
  • Greater access to health information
  • Increased spotlight on physical and mental health
  • A supplement / alternative to your local walk-in clinic / family doctor
  • Overloaded public healthcare system in Canada

When should I use telemedicine? 

Telemedicine is used to treat common symptoms like colds and the flu (fever, nasal congestion, and sinus pain), infections, allergies, arthritic pain, asthma, travel health, breastfeeding support, insect bites, rashes, UTIs, minor injuries, mental health, and more. Typically, anything that is easily treatable and doesn't require in-person procedures. 

Telemedicine should not be used for medical emergencies. Consult the ER or call 911 if you have severe conditions. 


After reading this article, I hope you learned a thing or two about telemedicine. Don't worry if you're looking for more information, most platforms like Dialogue offer on boarding services free of charge. From there, you will get an in-depth understanding of how to make the most of your respective telemedicine digital services. 

Why choose Dialogue?

Olympia has entered an exclusive partnership with Dialogue to offer secure and convenient telemedicine services at an affordable rate to employees of small businesses. Dialogue can be added to existing HSA plans today!

Dialogue is a secure and leading virtual healthcare service with one of, if not, the largest number of active medical professionals. It uses proprietary technology that continuously improves based on client and patient feedback. On top of that, many other telemedicine services do not offer pricing for 1-10 businesses. Most require a minimum of 20 employees.

Tell your employer about the Dialogue online clinic. Here's what they need to know to get started:

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Learn everything you need to know about telemedicine in our podcast episode:

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