Small businesses face certain challenges when it comes to recruiting. It can certainly be difficult to attract top talent. Maybe you can’t pay wages as high as a larger company, or maybe you’re not yet big enough to offer full-time positions. There’s also a good chance you can’t afford to hire a professional recruiter.

But there are approaches you can use to tap quality employees who will be eager to dedicate themselves to furthering your small business’ goals.

1. Recruit Everywhere

Inform local chambers of commerce and professional organizations that you are hiring. Ask to post fliers in windows around town. Tell your friends to spread the word. Post position descriptions on free online job search boards as well as on your business website. And if a customer gushes about an experience, ask if that person knows potential job candidates.

2. Give a Sense of What it’s Like to Work at Your Business

Clear job descriptions in postings are a must. It’s also important to create an attractive website with photos of real employees carrying out real tasks at your business. Applicants need to be able to picture themselves in their potential new workplace.

3. Have Realistic Expectations

Most job descriptions are written in search of “the perfect person”. Although we all want the ideal candidate, in reality, you don’t necessarily need all those skill sets. Be realistic. Hire 80% of the requirements. An 80% employee with a good work ethic and enthusiasm will be easier to retain, be more motivated and will initially cost less as he/she develops to the 100% skill set you desire.

4. Get Current Employees Involved

An often overlooked but effective recruitment technique is to invite applicants to shadow current employees. You can then ask employees who work with the applicant for anonymous feedback to see if the person will be a good fit. Once a person is hired, you can designate more experienced employees as mentors.

5. Make Sure You Hire Employees Who Fit

Fit is key. Employees who fit the culture of your business are more likely to stick around, and higher retention means a more experienced workforce and less need to recruit. When interviewing, ensure that those applying aren’t just looking for money: if they’re solely motivated by cash, then you’re going to lost them at some point anyway.

Another key method to effectively attract and retain top talent for your small business is offer a Health Spending Account as part of a benefits package.

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