Health Spending Account for Small Business [Short video]

By: Updated: July 13, 2017

Opening a Health Spending Account for small business offers keys benefits.  Instead of paying for your medical expenses out of pocket with personal after tax dollars, you can deduct 100% of your bills through your business.  

Find out exactly how one of Canada's best kept tax secrets can work for your small business.

1. Company Advantage - Write off medical expenses

Give your company an advantage and create value for your small business with a Health Spending Account.  By writing off your medical expenses through your company, you will significantly lower your medical costs and reduce your taxes.

2. No Strings Attached

Experience the freedom of a Health Spending Account with no medical underwriting, no co-insurance, and no deductibles.

3. Make your claims online

Submit, pay, and be reimbursed through a convenient, fast, and secure online platform. No more trips to the post office and no more confusing paper exchanges. Get your claim processed in 24 hours.

4. Get 100% coverage

Take advantage of a wide range of expenses.  Examples include laser eye surgery, orthodontics, and chiropractors.

5. No setup fees. No administration fees. No hidden cost.

Take charge of your medical costs and determine exactly how much you want to spend on your health care plan by taking advantage of a fixed, annual fee with a Health Spending Account.


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