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IVF in Canada [Resource List]

Posted by Olympia Benefits on December 20, 2018
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a complex process with many factors and implications to consider.  Fertility treatments require a dear investment of time, money, and a strong support system. In this article, we provide a compiled list of resources to educate readers on specific topic areas. 

If you are just beginning your journey with IVF, this is a good place to start.  Research and education are crucial to making an informed decision about fertility treatments. Below, you will find helpful resources about IVF in Canada [cost resources are exclusive to Canada].


What is an IVF Cycle?

HealthLinkBC This article is a resource that is used on provincial websites across Canada.  The information here provides the following: treatment overview with a breakdown of each stage in the IVF cycle (including timelines), what to expect after treatment, why is it done, how well it works, risks, what to think about, and references.


Mayo Clinic This is a great comparative resource to the HealthLinkBC article.  This resource on IVF includes: Overview (brief walk through the IVF cycle), why it’s done (here is a comprehensive look into when IVF is a good option), risks of IVF, how you prepare, what you can expect (explicit walk-through the IVF cycle/procedures), results.


What is the Cost of IVF in Canada?

The approximate average cost for one cycle of IVF ranges between $7,750 - $12,250 CAD.  Medication alone can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $7,000+ per IVF cycle.  Pregnancy is not guaranteed, and multiple cycles may be required.  

Olympia Benefits

Money We Have Blog

Baby Centre

CBC Article

Alternative Funding in Canada


Provincial funding for infertility treatment in Canada

There are currently four Canadian provinces that provide financial assistance to residents who are going through or will undergo fertility treatments.

Ontario Fertility Program

Manitoba Fertility Treatment Tax Credit

New Brunswick Infertility Treatment - Special Assistance Fund

Quebec Tax Credit for the Treatment of Infertility [Advance Payment]


How can I find a fertility clinic in Canada?

Fertility Clinics Listing by Province This interactive map provides links to fertility clinics by provincial offerings. 


Useful Tools for IVF

Navigating your Insurer This resource is a thorough, step by step guide to prepare you to speak with your insurance provider about coverage for fertility treatments. Included in this resource is: a list of fertility drugs with their DIN numbers, Cost of Benefits, and key questions to ask your provider.   

Predict my Success Tool [SART] This tool was developed by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, based on the data of approximately 500,000 cycles of therapy to more than 320,000 women in the USA. This tool factors in: lifestyle choices and health conditions that influence your probability of conceiving with IVF.


What are the Risks of IVF? 

This Fact Sheet from Reproductive Facts [the patient education website of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine] outlines risks associated with IVF.  Topics covered include: Medication side effects, risks of the egg retrieval, possible risks with the embryo transfer, possible pregnancy complications, whether or not IVF can increase the risk of birth defects, and miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy 


Emotional and Psychological Support

Fertility Counselling In this comprehensive resource, the Public Health Agency of Canada provides resources for people in every phase of fertility planning and treatment.  Topics covered include: How counselling can help you (how to manage stresses, and make informed and satisfying decisions), what to expect in a typical counselling session, questions to ask when choosing a counselor, how to find a counselor, other support resources. 

Southern California Reproductive Center Blog This blog is called How to Cope with the Emotional Stress of IVF.  It is a great article that puts into perspective the common stresses and emotional impacts that an individual and couple will experience during the process of IVF.  It is important for anyone considering IVF to prepare for the emotional and psychological impact that the process may have on them. 

Find a Support Group [in Canada] If you do not have strong support group or if you are looking for other peer support through your IVF journey.  This is a listing of support groups across Canada.


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