Learn how to survey employee benefits in 7 simple steps

By: Updated: March 14, 2018

The first topic of discussion after a new hire is employee benefits. That's because a competitive benefits package is important. In fact, they can be worth more than a salary raise when utilized properly. Generally, a better benefits plan means an easier time recruiting and retaining top talent.

Reach out to your existing employees and see how your benefits package could improve. Surveying current employees can help you to understand your workforce demographics. It could even reduce costs. Most importantly, employee benefits survey questions can specifically verify that you're putting your budget into perks that matter.

The following 7 steps will teach you how to survey employee benefits and get conclusive results, which you can use to optimize your resources!

1. Tally Up Results

You can get conclusive results if you ask which benefits are least and most important, and tally up the results. However, don't ask double-barreled questions. An important benefit might not be used often, or vice versa.

Example: an employee partakes in flexible schedules every day, but does not consider it important. That same employee gets massages once every 2 months but considers it very important.

You might be suprised to see what your employees really want.

What is an important employee benefit that the company is missing?

Out of all the employee benefits, which do you use most?

Out of all the employee benefits, which are most important?

Out of all the employee benefits, which do you use least?

Out of all the employee benefits, which are least important?


2. Evaluate your Company Culture 

It's also important to consider your work environment. Employee benefits are a subset of your company culture. A strong employee benefits package only reinforces your company culture, not vice versa. 

How comfortable is your employer's work environment?

How would you rate the company culture? (1 = extremely unsatisfied, 2= unsatified, 3 = neutral, 4 = satisfied, 5 = extremely satisfied)

What are some cons about the company culture (if any)?

What are some pros about the company culture?

How would you rate the recruitment process? (1 = very poor, 2 = poor, 3 = neutral, 4 = good, 5 = very good)

Were you made aware of your employee benefits? (yes/no)

How can we improve the onboarding process of employee benefits?


3. Get Into Specifics

Be sure to go into the specifics of employee benefits. Address things that you might want to see changed.

On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate your daily commute?

(1 = very bad, 2= bad, 3 = neutral, 4 = good, 5 = very good)


4. Learn From Past Employee Experiences

Employees are open to discussing matters. Ask them about their previous employers, maybe you could take away something important regarding the industry. 

How does our benefit plan compare to your previous work provider's?


5. Evaluate Company Policy

Many common company protocols fall under employee benefits. You might be missing some crucial policies, leaving employees stressed about their situation.  

Are there any company policies which you want to change or add?


6. Get Honest Opinions

Be sure to keep the surveys anonymous so employees are free to leave their honest opinions. Subject matter regarding employee benefits can be sensitive. 


7. Check(list) Yourself

Besides surveying employees, you (the employer) can go through the following check-list to see if your company has implemented these guidelines/precautions:

Have I received any complaints regarding company policy?

Do I have systems in place to handle the employee benefits program? 

How many employees do I currently have under the program?

Are compensation levels monitored and reviewed?

Are my employee benefits communicated during the on-boarding process?

Are updates or changes to employee benefits communicated on a regular basis? (monthly, quarterly, annually?)

Are employee positions categorized within your employee benefits program?


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