5 Simple Stress Management Strategies for the Workplace [Infographic]

By: Updated: July 18, 2019


In Canada there is a growing emphasis to support stress management in the workplace.  Organizations will be more productive and collaborative when employees feel safe, respected, and recognized for their contributions.  Stress does not just affect us emotionally and mentally, it has a direct impact on us physically.  Ergonomics play an important role in addressing the physical causes and symptoms of stress.  In this infographic, you will learn 5 simple stress management strategies for the workplace that will promote a healthy organizational culture. 

 Stress Management Strategies Infographic


If you would like to learn more about Stress Management Strategies for the Workplace, check out episode two of our new podcast where we interview an ergonomic wellness specialist about physical changes we can make to our work environment to counteract the effects of stress. 

Stress Management Strategies for the workplace podcast, listen now.

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