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Health Spending Account Eligible Expenses 2020

Posted by K. F. on January 2, 2014


Note: Updated list - January 13, 2020

One of the great benefits of a Health Spending Account is the freedom it provides through an extensive range of eligible expenses. Forget about restrictions. You'll love being able to claim 100% of your child's dental braces. These types of expenses along with a thorough list of qualified medical practitioners, procedures, and medical devices helps make a Health Spending Account an attractive choice for the small business owner. 

Unlike many traditional insurance plans, a Health Spending Account offers 100% coverage on a wide range of expenses...even the expensive ones.  Does your son need physiotherapy?  Does your spouse need a new pair of glasses or maybe laser eye surgery?  Maybe you want to get an MRI? Rest assured, all of these are eligible expenses with a Health Spending Account.

You can even claim your spouse's premiums if they are a member of a traditional insurance plan. That's right. Premiums contributed to a non-government insurance plan are an eligible expenses with a Health Spending Account. How great is that?!  

Do you have unpaid portions that are not covered from your spouse's plan? Not a problem - the remaining amount of an expense is eligible with a Health Spending Account. Fantastic.

Prescription drugs, massage therapy, and hearing aids are all eligible expenses too. If you are traveling to the sun on your upcoming vacation...pick up a pair prescriptions sunglasses so you can read on the beach (the sunglasses are eligible as well).  Sore feet from that long hike or fishing trip? Pay a visit to your friendly Podiatrist as all of their services are eligible expenses. 

We've created a complete list of eligible expenses if you wish to dig deeper. Take care!

See the complete list of Health Spending Account Eligible Expenses: