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Hot Topics for Small Business in April 2018

Posted by Alden Hui on March 29, 2018
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Here are some trending topics affecting Canadian small business owners this year.

Also, a recap of some of our most viewed articles below.

Facebook and Privacy Concerns

Facebook has become part of large unfolding political scandal. Privacy concerns have been brought to light since then. It stems from the fact that third party programs were able to get a hold of user data many years ago. Facebook was aware of this fact but failed to address leaked data in a proficient manner. As a result, the leaked data was sold off to marketing companies and used in illegal means. These concerns have led many businesses and individuals to remove their Facebook accounts. However, social media frequenters should be wary since both popular apps Instagram and WhatsApp are also owned by Facebook.

How jobs will change in the next 10 Years

It is estimated that automated machines will impact more than 50% of Canadian jobs in the next 10 years. People in all positions will have to adapt to a change in skills. As best put by philosopher John Dewey, “Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself”. Skills not easily replicated by automation include critical thinking, creative thinking, and people management. Perhaps we may see an upheaval in the education system within the next decade.

In related news, US tech workers have shown increasing interest in Canadian employers due to political and societal instability.

Are you eligible for these updated Tax Credits?

Tax season is upon us. Read up on the latest tax credits and see whether you are eligible. Get reminders on ways to reduce your tax burden as a business owner. Learn about income splitting, home business tax deductions, and setting up a tax payment plan.

There's no better time to take your business online

Planning change for your small business in April? Take your business digital. The e-commerce industry is showing continued momentum in 2018. Traditional “brick and mortar” stores who fail to adapt are facing more and more difficulties as time goes by. Don’t limit your sales to local audiences. With thousands of tools at your disposal, making a website can be easy and affordable. Download our digital marketing guide to discover the tools and techniques for expanding your business and finding the right customers.

Who knew these health expenses were actually HSA eligible? 

It can be difficult to know whether an expense is eligible. There is a lot of misinformation out there. If you have something in mind or just want to make sure you haven’t missed out, check out this article on commonly overlooked HSA eligible expenses. These health costs are often forgotten but eligible under Olympia’s plan.

The cost of braces

Thinking about getting braces for yourself or somebody you know? This article covers some associated costs and types of dental work involved. 

Why is Networking Important for Small Business?

Small business often lacks brand awareness and high marketing budgets. Typically, they have to use alternative means of marketing like local traffic and word of mouth. That’s why networking is important for small business. Forming strong bonds with customers, partners, and other local business in related fields creates a referral network. Take some of these steps into account and turn your disadvantage into an advantage.   

Have a question about your HSA Plan?

We've compiled all your frequently asked questions into categories so that you can easily find a question and answer. The complete guide to an employee benefits plan is your go-to resource for all things HSA GROUP related.

For questions about HSA PLUS and BASIC, see this Top 19 FAQ article instead.


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