What is a Podcast and how to listen? [Explained]

Posted by Olympia Benefits on December 6, 2018

On December 11, 2018 Olympia Benefits launches it's first podcast called The Small Business Mastermind.  Recognizing that many people are new to the world of podcasts, we've put together this quick blog to help you understand what a podcast is and how you can listen to it from your device.  This blog explains how you can access a podcast from a smart phone, tablet, or  computer.  You will soon be on your way to discover your favorite new episodes and access information at your fingertips.

What is a podcast?

Definition: A digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.


Where did the name 'Podcast' come from?

The word podcast originated from a term that combined the words ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’.  An iPod is a device that replaced the Walkman and Discman and allowed users to download audio files directly from their computer.  Broadcasting over the internet changed media, before podcasting, in order to get a message out to the public, one had to go through an established media channel.  Podcasting has opened up the world to information accessibility at your fingertips.  You can now listen to expertise or entertainment about almost anything at any time.

What is the purpose of a podcast today?  How is it used and why is it important? 

The evolution of ‘podcasting’ now allows people and companies to broadcast to anyone in the world.  There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts being published on the internet every day and they are now a primary source for people to access specialized information.  Olympia Benefits just launched a podcast that publishes one episode every month, you can listen to the podcast directly from the website or through an app (which I will describe next).

How do I listen to a podcast? 

You can listen to a podcast on almost any device that connects to the internet and has an audio output, for example, your phone, tablet or computer. If you would like to listen to a podcast from your phone or tablet, you can download podcasts through an app. 

What is an app you ask? 

An app is one of those little square shaped icons located on your home screen that takes you to a particular function on your device.  If you have an apple phone or tablet, you will likely listen to podcasts through an app called iTunes or Apple Podcasts. 

How to listen to a podcast on iTunes or Apple Podcasts:

If you have an iPhone or an iPad (apple tablet), this app is built into your device . Once you are registered and signed up with an apple ID [this can be a bit of a technical process, click here for a guide to set up an iTunes account in 1 minute]

You can access the Apple Podcasts or the iTunes app which offer a quick and instant way to jump into the world of podcasts. With either one of these apps you can stream and download podcast episodes, and subscribe to your favorite podcasts to download them automatically onto your device as soon as a new episode is released.  When you subscribe to a podcast, when the next episode of that podcast is published it will show up on the app on your device. 

[Click here to be redirected to our podcast on the iTunes app]

How to listen to a podcast on Google Play Music:

If you're on an Android phone, Google's music streaming app, which comes pre-installed on your phone, also supports podcasts. Like Apple's Podcasts app, Google Play takes a simplistic approach to podcasts. It lets you subscribe to podcasts, download episodes, and skip and rewind during playback, but that's about it. However, there's also a version of the app that runs in the web browser, so you can listen from your computer when you're at your desk and save your phone's battery.

[Click here to be redirected to our podcast on the Google Play App]

How to listen to a podcast on a computer:

If you have not entered the world of smart phones and tablets, you can still listen to podcasts from your desktop or laptop computer. Some podcasts have a specific web page with a player on that page where you simply select the play button and the podcast will play from your computers speakers. You can also access podcasts on your phone and tablet through your internet browser this way. 

 [Click here to be redirected to our podcast web page]

When is the best time to listen to a podcast?

Really, anytime that you want to listen to a podcast is the best time.  Some people like to listen to a podcast during their daily commute, some during a work-out, and some while out for a walk.  Whether you’d like to listen to a podcast while you are getting ready in the morning, or while cooking dinner, or winding down for the night, a podcast is best to listen to when you are best available to listen, and the beauty of a podcast is that you can listen to it whenever it suites you best. Each podcast will have the length in the description of each episode, so that will make it easy for you to plan when you have the time to listen to it.  Podcasts range from short episodes to long ones and range in every topic imaginable. So enjoy your new journey into podcasting and we hope that you join us for ours. 


Olympia Benefits welcomes you to learn more about our new podcast.  The Small Business Mastermind is a monthly podcast for small businesses in Canada. Episodes feature thought leaders and industry experts. Learn more by clicking the banner below:

The Small Business Mastermind Podcast is a new resource for small businesses in Canada, presented by Olympia Benefits.  Listen now to monthly episodes.

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