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By: Updated: November 30, 2018

While thinking about ways to reach out to our clients and showcase high quality content, we came up with the idea of highlighting interesting small business owners in the local scene. The Small Business Epic Journey campaign is focused on creating a supportive community of small business owners dedicated to learning through stories.

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Welcome to Small Business Epic Story

It's a series about small business and their unique experiences.

In an ongoing basis, we are interviewing Canadian small business owners on their expertise: insight into their business and experiences. Each interview provides an intimate look into their respective business, it's products, location, and people. 

Interviews release every 2-4 weeks, with exclusive photos featured on our social media.

Read the the stories

  1. Una Pizzeria - Kelly Black
  2. Phil & Sebastian - Rob Oppenheim
  3. The Coup - Dalia Kohen
  4. Calgary Sport & Social Club - Rob Gillespie
  5. Pieoneers - Olena Tkhorovska
  6. Master Chocolat - Bernard Callebaut
  7. ACE Architecture - Coben Christiansen
  8. Precisionwerkz - Jay Wu
  9. Italian Centre Shop - Teresa Spinelli
  10. Cassis Bistro - Gilles Brassart
  11. Tool Shed Brewery - Graham Sherman
  12. Family Squeezed Lemonade - Jennifer Andrews
  13. POD Marketing - Kevin Wilhelm
  14. Work Nicer - Alex Putici
  15. Olympia Benefits - Robin Fry

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