The Many Expenses You Can Claim with a Health Spending Account

By: Updated: October 3, 2016


Unlike many traditional insurance plans, a Health Spending Account offers 100% coverage on a wide range of expenses...even the pricey ones.

If you're tired of not being able to claim many of your family's health and dental procedures, then this article is for you!

One of the great benefits of a Health Spending Account (or "HSA") is the freedom it provides through the extensive range of eligible expenses that may claimed.

Unlike traditional group health and dental insurance plans, users of a Health Spending Account can forget about restrictions. Now you are able to claim 100% of your child's dental braces and 100% of your laser eye surgery procedure.

These types of expenses along with a thorough list of qualified medical practitioners, procedures, and medical devices helps make Health Spending Account an attractive choice for the small business owner.

You can even claim your spouse's premiums if they are a member of a traditional insurance plan.  That's right: premiums contributed to a non-government insurance plan are an eligible expense with a Health Spending Account.

Do you have unpaid portions of claims that are not covered from your spouse's plan? Not a problem - the remaining amount of an expense is eligible with a Health Spending Account.

Prescription drugs, massage therapy, and hearing aids are all eligible expenses too.  If you're traveling to a sunny destination for an upcoming vacation, then pick up a pair of prescriptions sunglasses so you can read on the beach (the sunglasses are eligible as well).  Sore feet from that long hike or fishing trip? Pay a visit to your friendly Podiatrist as all of their services are eligble expenses.

Simply put, if you're an owner of an incorporated business, then there is a better way to pay for health and dental expenses. Health Spending Accounts make health and dental expenses tax-free to you, your family and your employees and tax-deductible to your business.

As we've identified, there are a tremendous number of expenses you can claim with a Health Spending Account.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today, stop paying out-of-pocket, and start saving!

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